• 27 - 28 March 2021

FAQ / Help

What are the minimum technical platform requirements?
  • Device: The virtual platform is accessible with any device that can connect to the internet through a browser and the experience is fully responsive to all devices.
  • Optimal experience is via Laptop, computer (Mac or PC) or any large screen devices (Android or iOS) are recommended. If you are using a mobile device, please view the screen in landscape mode.
  • If using an Android device, Apple iPad or iPhone you will need to click on the media play button to begin the presentation. Android and Apple iOS devices do not permit automatic launch of streaming
  • Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Android 4.4, Apple Mac OS X 10.9+, Apple iOS 12+ onwards
  • Internet browser: Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, iPhone/iPad: Safari/iOS 5.1+, Android Phone/Tablet: OS 2.3 or higher. Chrome or Firefox are recommended for the best experience.
  • Minimum internet connection: 5 Mbps for seamless video playback
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Allow JavaScript and Cookies
  • Disable pop-up blockers, ad blockers or VPN for the Virtual conference platform URL
  • Firewalls: Use without a VPN is possible, if in line with the legal conditions of your country, but content is accessible without a VPN by default. We encourage you to disconnect from this when watching or interacting with the platform during the event days. GUT 2020 is not responsible for the default restrictions of your institute or company internet provider, network or state.
  • Clear your cookies and cache: If you experience any issues accessing the platform we suggest you clear your cookies and cache following the instructions found here.
Internet connection requirements:

You may view the virtual experience on a slower connection, however, some users may experience load times that are longer than normal with larger content items. We recommend:

  • A strong Wi-Fi connection or hardwired internet connection of at least 5 Mbps
  • Disconnect from VPN or corporate networks (if possible)
  • Disable ad blocker or pop-up blocker
  • Close any unnecessary applications
  • Refrain from browsing the internet, streaming media and/or downloading large files during this time
I am having trouble with my display, I can’t see anything on the platform.

The recommended resolution for your display is at least a 1024x768 or higher resolution. Please ensure that your browser zoom level is set correctly so you can see everything. In most browsers you can use Ctrl+0 to reset your zoom level or Ctrl + [scroll in or out with your mouse or keypad]. This option can also be found in the tools or view menu.

If you are using a tablet, please view in a landscape mode.

I am having trouble with audio.

There are many things you can check:

  • If you have internal speakers, make sure they are not muted
  • If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and are not muted
  • Make sure you have not lost internet connectivity
  • Run a System Check on the prerequisites aforementioned
Where can I see the scientific programme in detail?
  • When logged into the platform at your dashboard, click on ‘Programme’ on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
Is the programme translated?

Unfortunately, translation service is not available.

I missed a session, how do I access this On Demand?
  • All sessions are recorded.
  • Within 2 weeks after the conference, “On-Demand Videos” will be made available on the platform.
Are there CPD points for the event and where can I get my certificate of attendance?

This conference has been accredited with 16 CPD points as per the MMA and NSR Grading system.   

Following the conference, you will receive an email link to a survey form, at the same email address you used to register for the conference. Upon completion of this evaluation form, you will be redirected to your e-certificate of attendance, which you may download. 

My question has not been answered in these FAQs, I need more help.

Click on the ‘Chat’ located at the bottom of this page. During the live conference days, the staff will be available to assist you via the help chat function.